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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, a home inspection is a visual-only inspection of a home that identifies readily observable deficiencies or defects. There are many conditions that can indicate current or potential future problems, and my job is to find those for you! But in many cases it is impossible to confirm exactly what’s going on beneath the surface without physically tearing into walls. Based on what I’m able to observe at your home, I will recommend “next step” courses of action you may consider pursuing should you determine it necessary.

The primary intent of a home inspection is to identify safety concerns that may be present in a home, in accordance with generally accepted good building practice. A home inspection is not a building code inspection and is not designed to specifically identify code violations. It should be noted that building codes vary from one region to the next; two adjacent cities or counties often comply with different building code standards. Even where two cities follow the same building code, code inspectors may interpret or apply the code differently onsite.

That’s a great question and I’m glad you’re asking! I strongly encourage you to make sure whoever you hire to inspect your home is fully licensed and insured in the state of Tennessee. This is critical because it ensures you’re getting the quality of service you’re paying for. It also protects you by guaranteeing your inspector is fully insured, on file with the state, and won’t run away with your money and ignore your phone calls. 

The quickest way to verify my qualifications is to head over to my Certifications page. 

Not at all! In fact many clients choose to schedule their inspection for a time when they’re not planning to be at the house. It is completely up to you whether you’d like to be present or not. Depending on the home’s condition and age (and many other factors), sometimes it’s faster for me to complete the inspection if the home is unoccupied. 

Even though I love dogs, and your dogs love you, they don’t know me and it’s difficult to predict how they will respond when I enter your property. For that reason I ask clients to please make sure to make arrangements for your dogs to stay somewhere else until I complete your inspection. If you are unable to arrange an alternate location, please ensure your dogs are securely crated before the inspection.

If you have a cat or other pet, I respectfully ask that you secure them ahead of time as well.


It depends on several things. In general, the larger the home, the more the inspection costs. Homes that are older can also cost slightly more to have inspected than newer homes, due to often having more potential problems to look for. The location of the home itself factors into the total cost, especially if it’s a long way out of town. Lastly, any detached workshops, sheds, or garages will cost extra if you’d like me to inspect those along with the house.

It’s worth noting that in the scheme of buying or selling a home, the inspection represents a very small portion of the overall expense. To get an accurate price quote for an inspection for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact me here through the site. You can also text or call me at (615) 680-2320.

Did You Know?

Up to 98% of the moisture that enters your home, enters through air gaps. Sealing openings and replacing weather stripping around doors and windows can help prevent harmful moisture intrusion.

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